Osbornville Baptist Church 

Brick, NJ


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                       The Kitchen                     

Tuesday and Thursday 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

 Serving starts at 11:00 am

Head of operations--Mike Brower

All are welcome to come and join us at the Soup Kitchen no matter what situations you are in.

We serve more than just soup!

    The Soup Kitchen is not just for People to come and get some food in there belly. It is also, for people to come and find out information that is helpful with Hurricane Sandy issues.While enjoying your experiance and socializing with others go grab somthing to eat.

                                                      WARM YOUR SOUL!



If you like to donate to the Soup Kitchen ( this is separate from the Food Pantry )

here are some ideas below that will greatly help.

Donation Idea:

Can Foods:

any type of broth

  • vegetables
  • stew
  • chilli
  • Hash browns
  • fruit

Boxed or bagged Foods:

  • Rice
  • noodles


  • Spices
  • Bar soap
  • Paper goods
  • dry mixed drinks ( teas, punch)
Osbornville Baptist Church has a Special Group called Sharing the Bread.
We have bread donated to us from a outside company.
The ones apart of the Sharing Bread goup will seperate the bread and make little packages then take the packages to people in need.
To list a few-- Group Homes, Nursing Homes, and Low income Houseing. They also deliver to families in need of extra food.