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Brick, NJ


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Baptism and Communion

Bless you and enjoy the jouney you are about to travel.

Who is Jesus to you?

Clink the link below to hopefully answer all your questions.

What is Baptism?                                                                 



What is Communion?                     

Communion: will be given Sept. 4th, 2016

( Served every First Sunday of the Month )

Communion is recieving a gift from Jesus and accepting him into your life.



  There are steps before you can become a Baptist, Baptism is for those who accept Jesus as there Savior.

  You can not just come in and asked to be Baptized. 

  The Pastor will talk with you and ask you some important question and get to know you as a person. Then have you pray and ask Jesus to come into your life.

  Sundays during the worships there will be a special time when pastor will ask for all to come up who is ready to become a member and wishes to accept Christ into their life. While the congregation sings the closing hymn.

From that point on you will be expected to grow as a member of the body of Christ.

  We as church members are always here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You can asked any church member and they will either answer your question or direct you in to the right member.

  We are all family here at Osbornville Baptist Church and we would love for you to come join us.

  Bless you and enjoy the new Journey you are about to travel.

Already Baptized:

If you are already Baptized by a immersion and want to transfer your cerificate to becoming a member of Osbornville Baptist Church the Pastor  and Deacon or Deaconess can help you with this.

If you have been Baptist as a infant and interested in becomeing a member of Osbornville Baptist Church. We as Babtist believers rather than infants, do it by immersion rather than sprinkleing.

The Pastor will be happy to meet with you, and answer any questions to help you understand the bilblical support for this practice.

Wanting to accept Christ back into your life we can help you.